"The singer's quirky vibrato is an interesting element ....The guitar stands out and makes us want to hear it again ....The piano in the beginning is killing it ....I like the storytelling and sense of place in the lyrics"  ....from critics (free EP tracks/music below)

George attended the Cambridge Music Complex last night jam in the 1980s outside Boston the night before it was demolished. Local bands, and Aerosmith, Boston, The Cars, and The J. Geils Band members previously practiced there.  The intrigue piqued George's interest in becoming a musician.

Approaching a 20-year hiatus, George paid homage to Liverpool, England during Beatlemania with his family. Upon returning, George as a solo independent artist released multiple EPs while popping up at Northern Virginia and Washington DC area wineries, vineyards, restaurants, and listening room open mics.  Come join the fun!